24 May 2011

Mizzou family

I tell anyone who will listen that I play football.  Well usually the conversation goes like this:  

Boss/Coworker/person in the elevator:  Got any big plans this weekend?
Me:  Not really, playing football on Saturday (or Sunday).
Boss/Coworker/person in the elevator: Oh really!  Where do you play?  Who do you play with?
Me:  All over the city, randall's island, roosevelt island, riverbank state park, etc..  I play with my Mizzou friends.

But really they have grown to be more than my Mizzou friends or my football friends to being my Mizzou family in New York.  And two weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend the wedding of the Captain and the Quarterback (aka Susan & Sean).

They wed in Madison Square Park, which is one of nicest little parks in the city.  Home of the original Shake Shack and always has art exhibits going on.  On their big day the park also had the Fonz (aka Henry Winkler) walking around and taking pictures.

the flat iron building and park art

the mister of honor, officiant, groom, and best man waiting for the bride

After the wedding we walked to Blue Smoke for the reception.  The meal was delicious.  I had brisket, pulled pork, blue grits, hushpuppy, salad, and green beans (I regretfully left the ribs and wings on the buffet). There was music, dancing, and cake!  

Tigers in wedding attire (and yes the bride and groom played the next day)

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  1. Great pictures! It seems like it was a very special day with a wonderful group of people!


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