20 May 2011

Football fashion

One of the fellow bloggers I met at Central Park a few weeks ago creates a fantasy outfit every Friday, perfect for her Friday activity, but maybe a little out of her budget.  This isn't a fashion blog and I clearly need help in the area, but lately I've been wanting all the athletic gear I see... so I thought I would try it out.  

For example...  I went to buy a red shirt today and I almost bought an official US Soccer shirt, I don't even like soccer (but I do love the US).  

I'll be spending most of tomorrow playing touch football so I put together the perfect outfit for running around Randall's Island.  The most coveted item?  Turf shoes... tomorrow I'm allowed to wear cleats, but some fields are the older carpet turf and I could really use turf shoes.

Nike ribbed tee
$22 - nike.com

Nike sports activewear
25 GBP - johnlewis.com

Sports activewear
$90 - dickssportinggoods.com
Nike lace shoes
$110 - nike.com

Puma bag
$45 - nordstrom.com
Aqua Bobble(r) Water Bottle
$9.95 - crateandbarrel.com


  1. cool water bottle....

    and shoes

  2. will your football fit in your bag?

  3. cute outfit, but could it possibly improve your football performance?

  4. Ohmygoodness! I am SO thrilled you joined in the Friday's Fancies fun--and I'm so sorry it's taken me almost two weeks to acknowledge it! Life has been out of control...love love love the outfit, I always say that if I feel cute working out, it's a lot easier ;) Yay for dreaming! Hope you'll link up again soon! xoxo {av}


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