11 May 2011

Kensico Dam

A few weekends ago I got the opportunity to house/dog sit in White Plains.  The Saturday morning I woke up to rain and more rain and more rain.  After watching all the rom-coms I could find on Netflex on demand (don't judge me) the rain finally subsided and Scout and I decided to take a walk.

My friend had pointed out the trail on a map and said there was dam if I followed the path, but I had no idea what I was getting in to.

The creek that ran along the pathway had flooded and pretty quickly my feet were wet and Scout was a bit dirty, but we trudged on.  There was 70+ year old man jogging along... we weren't going to let him see us turn back.

After a lot of running, sniffing, and marking our territory we arrived at Kensico Dam.

The dam was completed in 1917 and is 307 feet tall and 1,843 feet long

The dam is 233 feet thick at the base and tapers to 28 feet at the top

More than 1,500 people, mostly Italian, worked on the dam and they completed it 3 years ahead of schedule

There were a lot of people exercising in the park even though it was such a damp day.  We tried to see over the mountain, but after climbing hundreds of steps we noticed the path was closed...

After a few more laps we traveled the two miles back home and watched a little housewives of NYC.


  1. I think rom-coms and real housewives is totally acceptable if you also go for a run in the rain with a dog, and take pictures, very productive!


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