22 May 2011

Livin' in Neon

LIC was an industrial/warehouse neighborhood for many years and still has many small shops making everything from elevators to neon signs.  The neon shop is just a block down from my apartment and I pass it all the time.  This weekend as part of some art festival they were open for looking around.  I was heading home after grocery shopping (and happy hour) and saw the door open.  I stepped inside to a pretty cool world of neon.  Its a working shop with tools scattered around.  A man was working on a computer designing signs and a very nice lady chatted with me about the shop.  The shop creates signs for businesses and broadway, but stays small (they had to turn down a job to fix the East River Pepsi sign).  The shop has been there for 30 years.  They were doing demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday, but sadly I wasn't around my hood for much of the weekend.

sadly I only had my cellphone camera

Some fancy work

An old sign and some more artistic items


  1. I love those pictures! The shop sounds really interesting too. Sometimes the best things happen when you're just wandering around.

  2. You should get a sign for your apartment window.


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