24 May 2011

Bryant Park reading room

Beautiful weather has returned... well on and off, but its getting better.  Today after exchanging my cell phone at the Sprint store (hopefully it no longer randomly turns off) I grabbed a quick salad and headed to my favorite lunch spot in Bryant Park, the reading room

Today was part of their book club series and Matthew Gallaway and Seth Colter were there discussing David Foster Wallace's The Pale King.  I just walked up and had a seat and to my amusement The Pale King is about an accountant.  An accountant that works for the IRS.  Now those who know me know "I am not an accountant" but I work in an accountants world and a lot of the passages they read really hit me.  Two of the most enjoyable concepts (paraphrased from memory):

accountants are cowboys of data


tedious work is heroic

David Foster Wallace died before finishing this book.  However everyone who had read the book seemed satisfied.  I think I might give it a shot.

writers discussing the book

books for sale

yummy salad for lunch

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  1. who is the statue of, in the middle of the bryant park reading room?


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