01 May 2011

Five Boro Bike Tour

 I woke up to beating drums outside my apartment... and cheers... I started to grab my tiara and head to the front window to greet my admirers... then I remembered that today was the 5 boro bike tour.  It's a pretty cool event that starts in lower Manhattan travels up through Central Park to the Bronx, back down Manhattan and into Queens, (by my apartment), Brooklyn, then finishes up at the Staten Island ferry terminal.  I've thought about riding before (really thought about it last year), but this year I didn't realize it was happening till... uh yesterday.  Maybe next year.  

gorgeous blue sky at 10:30 am

 almost to Brooklyn

the drummers


  1. what fun to wake up to music. Seams there is always a parade in NY MOM

  2. Do you always have you tiara at the ready?


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