08 May 2011

A central park Sunday

Sunday was absolutely lovely and I spent most of the day in Central Park.  I hadn't been in the park much since... well.... uh... sometime last summer.  When you don't go you kind of forget how amazing it is.  After a fantastic blogger meetup in the park near Columbus Circle I walked up through the park to the Great Lawn to meet with some friends for some continued picnicking and kicking a soccer ball around a bit (I'm playing Zogs soccer this summer... watch out).

A few things I saw on my walk...

Tavern on the Green has now reopened as a visitor's center

You know that scene in Big Daddy where they warn the rollerbladers? I felt like this was the spot, especially when I saw a kid almost go in the lake.

One of my favorite spots 

View of my destination from the castle

Fun on the lawn


  1. I love the pictures! It's nice to see everyone out and about enjoying the gorgeous weather.

  2. I love the picture of one of your favorite spots.

  3. The bow bridge will now always remind me of Toby Keith.

  4. wow i love the photos! it reminds me of the movie When Harry met Sally. As a long islandsr i go into the city alot but never to central park that much-now i will


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