13 May 2011

Chicken or the egg

Do New Yorkers eat out a lot because they have tiny impossible kitchens or have tiny impossible kitchens because they eat out a lot?

The answer:

Exhibit A-  My old kitchen had these gorgeous countertops and electrical outlets... I cooked and baked quite often.

Exhibit B- I now have no countertops and my kitchen outlets are conveniently behind the refrigerator and halfway up the wall near the bathroom.  I still cook a lot, but today was my first attempt at baking and using an electric mixer.

Now I don't know your opinion, but this situation didn't inspire me to whip up five more batches of cookies.

Do you have a small or odd kitchen?  How do you make it work?


  1. Don't you like a challenge!?!

  2. Is there anyway you could put a tiny shelf above the radiator below window? My kitchen is plenty big enough but has a bad use of space.


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