26 April 2011

Grilled Cheeses across America

When I was a kid we took family road trips every summer. One summer on one road trip I ordered a grilled cheese at every roadside restaurant. I always keep a travel journal and for some trips is was more about what everyone ate and what motel we stayed in and less about actual memories and feelings. Anyway I started ranking the grilled cheeses and we labeled this adventure "Grilled Cheeses across America".

So when I saw that the New York Magazine's "Best of New York" issue had a category for best Grilled Cheese I knew I had to have it, but when my friend and I arrive at the address in Williamsburg we found a dark building with no signs. Hmmm where was the Commodore? I saw some hipsters walking out a door so we knew we had found the place.

The ambiance was a bit classy and a bit backyard bbq. After a difficult start with getting the attention of the bartenders to order the service was pretty good even though our symmetrical hair styles didn't quite fit in.

To the grilled cheese. Described as an adult grilled cheese it included: housemade spread of roasted poblanos, grated Cheddar, cream cheese, and mayo, topped with a dollop of salsa roja, sandwiched between two lavishly buttered slices of Arnold Country White and cooked until crisp and gooey... I didn't notice all those layers, but it was amazing. We also got way too many fries that were also amazing.


  1. The best grilled cheese I've ever made was at home using whole wheat bread, Kraft sliced real cheese, a thin slice red onion, mayo. Toast on both sides in a skillet with melted browned butter, then set in oven for 10 minutes 9pree-heated 400 degrees).

  2. So do you have a signature grilled cheese or do you just have plans to continue eating across America?

  3. Charlene that sounds really good! I never thought of sticking it in the oven. Kristen- I don't have a signature one, I keep trying variations and haven't been disappointed once.

  4. I expected to see a picture of the grilled cheese - not just the logo on the glass for the establishment where you found this great grilled cheese

  5. When you are eating an amazing grilled cheese there's not time for pictures!

  6. I am a big grilled cheese fan! Thanks for sharing the info and I will definitely be checking out that NY Mag list!


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