18 April 2011

Touch football

I've been playing a lot of touch football these past three years. This past winter I played a few winter games and really wished I had receiving gloves (especially the games in 1 to 3 feet of snow), but was having a hard time finding them in stores when I thought to go look for them. After I had a pretty spectacular game (if I say so myself) after borrowing a teammate's gloves (I had applied the moisturizer a little heavy before the game) a few teammates have been pressuring me to buy gloves (I'm pretty amazing with out gloves though) well I found myself near a sports good store and went and looked if they had any gloves. They did and I purchased them... still to determine if I wear them ;)

Anyway when I opened the package I see this warning:

"Participation in football and other contact sports can result in serious or even fatal injury. Football gloves will not eliminate injuries."


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  1. Have you been playing football without proper supervision? I never knew football had to be properly supervised.


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