20 April 2011

Gantry State Park time

We've finally had a few nice days here in NYC (even if as I write this it's a dreary 45 outside) so I've gotten back in the habit of enjoying the sunset over Manhattan. If you live in NYC and haven't been out to LIC and Gantry State park, you are really missing out. Great views of the Empire State Building, the UN, the Chrysler building, the Pepsi sign, and tons of other buildings. One thing I didn't really realize while living in Manhattan was that you never really see a sunset. Yes you see it getting darker, but the beautiful shades the sky turns as the sun goes down are always blocked by buildings.


  1. Not sure if they are stars or planets or airplanes, but sometimes you can bright things in the sky... nothing like what you see on BB HWY

  2. I have yet to be out here but totally need to go, I am always in love with this view! Living on the UWS doesn't give you quite the same view...


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