01 June 2012

Hello June.

Now that May is over, time to revisit the goals... maybe its time to make some new ones?

No snooze... No problem

Run 6 Races... In May I ran the Warrior Dash! 3 races down 3 to go.

Track what I eat and when I work out... slacking on this a little bit, but mentally calculating

Knitting... fail, fail, fail

Travel somewhere new... Mechanicsville, Embassies, Renwick = Success

Be friendlier to strangers... Great conversations with random people this month, but I also kind of told a bicyclist to ride in the bike lane instead of ringing her bell at me on the sidewalk. But in my defense there was a bike lane! 

fine, thank you


  1. There was a bike lane? Then you were doing community service by pointing that out to her.

  2. Besides knitting, I think you surpased your goals. It's June and I've only ran 1 5k in Johnson County. So that is like 7 left to go. I think that was my only goal for the year.

  3. You are doing great on your goals in my opinion. I'm running my second race of the year this weekend in NYC and am totally unprepared! I'm failing on the knitting front too, must.finish.baby.sweater!


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