21 June 2012

Race Recap: Father's Day 8K (aka 6.5 min PR)

When my speedy sister called me a few weeks ago to discuss her upcoming trip to DC, she had two requests:

1. Run everyday

So in a addition to thinking about some runs around the monuments, Rock Creek Park, and Run club, I set out to find a race for when she was here.

The Father's Day 8K stood out to me for a few reasons:

1. 8K distance is not as common 
2. It was on the C&O canal (a place I hadn't yet run)
3. Race was capped at 300 people (DC has some big races)
4. The path is flat
5. The race was at 6:30 pm (no crazy early morning wake up)

I mentioned the idea to Kristen and immediately she was on board.

We spent the day walking around Georgetown getting "warmed up". Then we stopped by Dean & Deluca for some pre race hydration and used the restrooms to change into our race gear. The race seemed a little hap hazard like all the race bibs were left over from other races (hey, I'm a fan of reducing waste too!), there wasn't any electronic timing, and the small t-shirts were huge. 

Luckily when we lined up for the start we were only a few seconds back and once we started the field thinned out quickly. Mostly because we were racing with some FAST people.

The 8K out and back course was on the C&O canal towpath, which is crushed rock and some uncrushed rock. There were a few washout hazards, but mostly a smooth path for running.

As soon as the train whistle blew we were off and soon I could no longer see Kristen. I took off fast propelled by those around me and I finished my first mile in 8:19. A little before I reached the second mile marker a biker was heading towards me warning that the lead runner was on his way back. I looked at my watch, the race had started 15 minutes ago, this guy had less than two miles left. When he flew by I could tell that indeed he was running 5 minute miles. His energy lead me to finish my second mile a little faster at 8:09.

Soon after the lead runner I saw the first female runner in the middle of a male pack and I started counting ladies. I only got to thirteen when I saw my sister heading back! I gave her as much as a "go Kristen" as I could muster. In doing so I lost my lady count, but soon hit the turnaround.

I kept my pace through the turnaround and finished mile 3 a little slower at 8:13. By mile 4 I was getting a little tired and a few people passed me back, but I kept my pace at 8:19. One person who passed me back was an older man (later I figured out he was 70 years old). My competitiveness kicked in and I was wasn't going to let him beat me. I stuck to his heels till I could see the finish. I decided at that point to make my move at a slightly faster pace. Only some other man decided he was going to sprint past me. He was not going to sprint past me. Thats when I picked up my pace to full out sprint for the last 100 meters or so. We tied and my pace for the last 0.97 mile of the race was 7:33.

Official time of 40:43
Overall- 106/228
Female- 31/100
Female 20-29- 17/46

Kristen finished in 36:55
Overall- 59/228
Female- 15/100
Female 30-39- 4/33

If you remember the St Patrick's Day 8K (why would you?) I ran it in 47:11, therefore I PR'd by over 6 minutes! I'm pretty happy with that time.

After the race there was water and Georgetown Cupcakes. My first of the famous Georgetown Cupcakes and I couldn't finish it because it was too rich.

I asked my Mom to use my iPhone for a quick photo... which turned in to a too long unsuccessful photo shoot in front of the canal (as demonstrated below).

photo #1 because it was Father's Day Kristen closed her eyes just like my Dad does

photo #2 ground shot

photo #3 demonstration on lightly tapping iPhone

photo #4 taken while I'm instructing how to  take a picture

photo #5

photo #6

photo #7 last ditch effort is unsuccessful 


  1. That's right I only closed my eyes because it was Fathers day.

  2. If Kristen hadn't celebrated Father's Day in the first photo, you never would of known of mom's iphone issues.

  3. Are you making fun of my ability to take photo's? MOM


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