28 June 2012

Not my Grandpa's BLT

Sunday I sat down for lunch and thought to myself, now this is a meal my Grandpa would appreciate. A BLT, sliced tomato and cucumber, and cottage cheese. Then I thought of all the adjustments I made...

Grandpa's meal (my meal)
ice & tap water (chilled sparkling water)
full fat cottage cheese (1% milk fat cottage cheese)
garden cucumber (persian cucumber)
white toast (whole wheat sandwich thin)
pork bacon (turkey bacon)
full fat mayo (light mayo)


  1. That looks like a great meal. I think Grandpa would eat it. Although you are right he ate lots of blt's and cottage cheese. Had a wonderful time visiting you in DC MOM

  2. Grandpa would've just been happy with a garden fresh tomato and salt. Looks delicious. Did you get a soda stream?

    1. Make sure you chill the tomato though. I think he would have eaten your meal just like you fixed it and if you had fixed it for him I know he would of enjoyed it.

  3. ha ha, is this how you make your at home meals? Replacing things with the healthier version? That's what I do.


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