13 June 2012

President's club

My former employer loves alumni (or maybe they just like drumming up new work and boomerang employees) and this week I finally got to reap the rewards at my first event. I work with several other alumni and when we received the email about the event at National's Park we all thought we would be watching baseball. About two weeks ago I noticed that they wouldn't be in town... interesting... then they sent out additional emails clarifying that there would not be a game, but we would get to see the dugouts! and the batting cages!

The stadium was empty other than our group in the President's Club. The President's Club is the place all the rich people hang out who buy those seats right behind home plate.

"May the sun never set on American baseball" -President Harry S. Truman



view from the dugout
After a delicious pulled pork topped mini hotdog, a mini hamburger, a regular sized taco, and some gross cold noodles, it was time to hit the cages. It was my first time having some one pitch to me in a batting cage. It was also my first time batting in a pencil skirt. Luckily I was wearing my commuting Sperry's and I didn't have to attempt batting in heels.  

first time with a wood bat too

ready for the big leagues

the widest stance I could manage
I'm expecting a call from the scouts any minute now...


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