05 June 2012

Epic Annapolis- race recap

Saturday I ran my first half marathon in the Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon. I ended up spending the weekend with a friend (and three other new friends) who also ran their first half marathons (and one girl who forgot to pack her tennis shoes).

We were set to head up to Annapolis right after work on Friday night. Too bad the weather had other ideas. The entire area was under Tornado watch and flooding warnings and pouring rain, wind, and stillness kept rolling through. So we went to plan B. Ordering in Carbs in DC and driving up late. We found a place that delivered pasta and incredible garlic bread, chowed down, and then hit the road after most of the danger was over.

So we didn't arrive in Annapolis until around 10 pm. I set out all my gear and outfit choices, showered, set several alarms, then climbed into bed to watch a little bit of "say yes to the bridesmaid dress" before drifting off to sleep.

View from hotel room upon arrival

I got up around 5 and had a cliff bar and coffee while getting ready. My hotel was about a mile and a half from the start, but I thought it would be a good warm up so I decided to walk over.

5 am wake up
The sun finished rising by the time I reached the Navy Stadium and there was a steady line of cars pulling in to the parking lot.

Stadium approach
I checked out the porta potties, checked my bag, jogged around a bit then headed to the starting line. I lined up half way between the 9 min mile pace sign and the 10 min mile pace sign. The announcer kept asking the pacers to hold their signs up, but the only one that did was the 1:40 guy... so I didn't know where the 2:00 lady was.

In the corrals waiting for the start... chillin right behind the 9 min/mile pace group
Soon after lining up, we were off! We ran around the parking lot a little bit then out to the road and headed downtown. I knew I was running a little fast (miles 1 & 2 were 8:56 and 8:45), but couldn't help it with the adrenaline pumping. This was my first race in a long time (excluding the Chilhowee 5K) where I didn't have to dodge around people at the beginning. It didn't seem like anyone started in the wrong group. 

After about two miles I spotted the 2 hour pace group in front of me. At that point I decided I was going to stick with her and finish in under 2 hours. Only soon after she took a super long water stop. I kept going. After about a half mile she was back with me, but then took another long water break. After that she never got back in front of me.

After a little brick running downtown we ran by the water and the Naval Academy, then headed to the Naval Academy Bridge. This was the only major hill on the course and we did it twice.

This was my first race where I actually noticed the camera men... apparently it didn't matter.

Bliss = eyes closed?

After we crossed the bridge we ran on a highway flanked by woods for a few miles then moved over to an asphalt trail for awhile. I wasn't sure I was going to run with music, but decided to at the last minute. I just picked one of my running playlists, but didn't make sure it was long enough. At mile 8, it went silent, and we were going uphill and I needed a boost. Luckily the Gu station was a half mile ahead. I pushed through grabbed a Gu, walked for a few feet to get my music going again and eat the Gu and drink my water. I'm not sure how anyone successfully drinks water from those little cups and runs at the same time.

Then it was back over the trail, road, and over the bridge. This time the bridge was a lot tougher. These, miles 7, 8, 9 & 10, were my slowest miles at 9:20, 9:07, 9:14 and 9:20.

Left, right, left, right, left, right
After we were back over the bridge there were several rolling hills and a little half mile out and back that I wasn't expecting and I didn't enjoy. At this point, with 2 miles to go I was ready to be done, but when I look back at my splits I didn't slow down at all, miles 11 & 12 were both at 8:56.

Heading to the finish

Giving it my all

A little bit more...

The race clock was under 2 hours so I knew I made it. 

Officially under TWO!

Then we celebrated
We. did. it.

oh. yeah.
this was a failed attempt, but makes me look like an amazing jumper
They gave us pretty necklaces instead of medals.

my "medal"
Perfect- Gorgeous- Weekend

downtown cuteness
celebration 1 (shrimp shooters)

waterside bar

celebration 2


  1. Very good time and I like your shoes.

    1. Thanks on both! I bought those shoes with no "professional" advice and like them a lot more than my last too big ones.

  2. Looks like a success. Nice shout out to the Chilhowee 5k.

  3. Annopolis is a beautiful city. It is nice to see the pictures. Great commentary of the race,like I was there. MOM

  4. I like your medal too. Nice race pictures and pictures of the area.


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