10 June 2012

Take me out to the ballgame

Thursday I got the opportunity to take in a day game with some coworkers out at Nationals Park (don't worry I was not getting paid for the time out of the office). It was a beautiful day and with seats in the shade the temperature was perfect. The Nats however were not perfect and lost to the Mets 1-3. It was nice to see them play a team I'm pretty familiar with (David Wright!) and get to know the players on my new hometown team (Bryce Harper!).

In other random news, my cousin Taryn was also at the game and neither of us knew of the other's attendence. 

cheap seats

let's go Nats!

running of the Presidents. George won.


  1. Which president George was the winner?

    1. George #1 Washington other contenders were Honest Abe, TJ Jefferson, and Teddy Rosevelt.


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