21 June 2012

Gretchen goes to Washington

This last week my Mom, oldest sister, and niece came to visit. Flipping back through my pictures you wouldn't know anyone but Gretchen (my niece) was here.

The week in pictures.

first Metro ride

sleeping in front of the White House

and at the WWII Memorial



listening at the FDR memorial

chilling with FDR's dog

writing on the wall of dreams

loving Ben's Chili Bowl

enjoying Meridian Hill Park

lunch in Penn Quarter


  1. I heard you all walked a lot. You even tired out the one who didn't have to walk.

  2. Replies
    1. I only took pictures involving Gretchen ! Haha and I guess I mostly took photos on the two days my Mom was sick on my couch. She was here though!


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