17 May 2012

EU Embassy Tours

My cousin came to visit last weekend and I thought what better way to introduce her to Washington DC than touring through a few of the EU's finest Embassies (or those with the shortest lines).

We kicked off the tour at Luxembourg. Small countries have small lines (Luxembourg is 51.7 miles long and 32.5 miles wide).

Justine & Luxembourg's flowers

Embassy Flags
After Luxembourg we checked out Estonia. Estonia was giving away bottled water and had people dressed in native outfits. I also picked up a map of Estonia, so if I wonder over from Russia I won't get lost.

Before I found out how popular the event was there were a few embassies that I was hoping to see, the one we made it to was Ireland.

While waiting to get in they had children step dancing out front.

A reel or a jig, I can't remember
And inside they had music! 

The Irish Embassy was had tons of tourist information, cheese, Kerrygold butter, bread, and best of all we got to chat with the Ambassador.

After Ireland we went to Shake Shack for lunch. I hadn't been in a long time and since we were in the area I was craving a Shroom burger. Luckily Justine was up for checking it out. When I went to pick up my food, I was aghast to find a hotdog on my tray. I mentioned the mix up and in a few minutes not only did I have my burger, but also free fries!

After the great experience at Ireland I thought we should head to Spain to gather some information for my upcoming trip. So we headed up 16th street to see another line. This one luckily moved pretty fast, the only hold up being the Spanish guards filing us through a metal detector and our bags through a x-ray. 

The Embassy was recently the Ambassador's residence 

Inside they sold tickets to buy Sangria and Paella and other Tapas and had a dance demonstration, but no tourist information!

Across the street from Spain was Lithuania, which turned out to be the best deal of the day. There was no line, friendly people, free beer and cheese, and front row seats for a folk dance performance.

We didn't make it to any of the others, but I hope to see some of them in the future. 


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