28 May 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I had a great weekend, a good mix of relaxation and activity. 

Saturday morning I ran 8.5 miles, my last longish run before the 1/2 next weekend. Then I rushed uptown (upNorthwest?) to meet a friend for lunch. We dined and dished. I headed back to my apartment for last minute packing for camping/rafting. Then I headed to the bottom (foggy bottom) to meet up with friends to carpool to Pennsylvania. We arrived at the campsite a little before dark and got our tents set up and fire roaring... then hit the hay.

Sunday we were up and going at 7 am. We had delicious breakfast burritos and then packed up and headed out to get our rafts. We had two rafts with four people on each, two pros (e.g., friends who kayak a lot). We hit the Lower Youghiogheny River at 9:45 AM. It was my first time white water rafting, but I didn't fall out! (no one ended up falling out in the falls... a few times there were assisted falls). The river was fun. There was calm water between each falls, which was nice for a little relaxation. We pulled over and stopped for lunch on some rocks midway through. The river took us around five hours. Afterwards we grabbed food and drinks river side. I tried a turkey sandwich that had coleslaw, french fries, and provolone on it... it was amazing. Then it was the long ride back to DC.

Today I started off with a 4 mile run, made some summer salads, bought some new shorts, and walked around the neighborhood trying out a new app "cinemagram".

Created with cinemagr.am


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend, but I would say a lot more activity than relaxation. Love the cinemagram pictures.

  2. You really packed a lot in to your weekend, and I always love coleslaw on a sandwich.

  3. So I'm assuming there were no bear sightings this time. Sounds like a good weekend.


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