08 May 2012

Zola Kitchen + Office Art

DC has some great lunch places. Lots of innovation I don't remember in NYC. This week I ate at  Zola Kitchen for the first time.

Lamb burger with caramelized onions & a side of caprese salad. Gourmet at a walk up counter. They bring it to your table, which is pre stocked with a pitcher of water, which is amazing.

DC has a new TJ Maxx downtown. I ducked in just to check it out. Very nice store with the Runway section. I ended up trying on a few suits and buying a dress and some decorations for my cubicle. I'm not one to buy canned art, but the deal was too good and I figured I can always create my own art over this canvas if I get inspired. Now I feel like I have a window.


  1. I assume that when you look at your new art you are imaging yourself running or biking down that trail.

  2. Did you find any Polish Pottery at the TJ Maxx? I love restaurants with ice water on the table.


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