04 May 2012

French Market + Running Skirt

Last weekend I went to Georgetown to check out the French Market.

Too bad it was just a sidewalk sale and one booth selling crepes.

So instead I went to Athleta and bought a running skirt.


  1. Do you like running in your skirt?

    1. I've only taken it out for one run, but no complaints. I made sure to get one with longer shorts underneath. They also had grippers around the shorts, so no ride up and no one had to see me in spandex. I must say overall it was very comfortable, but I'm not sure it made me any faster.

  2. i hope you at least purchased a crepe as well! love the running skirt - never thought to buy one.


  3. This makes me feel better about missing the market (I thought it was Sunday too). Cute running skirt, I love mine. The trick is to find one with longer shorts, good to know Athleta makes theirs with longer shorts in them :)


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