01 May 2012

May Day!

I almost forgot to recap my goals today! Good thing I was reading a few other blogs that reminded me. Happy May! I hope you left flowers at someone's door (or even better received flowers).

  • Refrain from using the snooze button- Success!
  • Run at least 6 races- No races in April, but I signed up for a Half Marathon in June and am debating a Warrior Dash in May.
  • Track what I eat & when I work out- Success! In light of the Biggest Loser Finale tonight, today's with today's weigh in I've dropped 12% of my body weight.
  • Knit something new- FAIL
  • Travel somewhere new- Sunday I ran to Roosevelt Island, not the Roosevelt Island I lived next to in NYC, but the wooded one in the middle of the Potomac. The island has a one mile hiking trail and a HUGE memorial. Parts of the island seem pretty secluded, another section is a long boardwalk, and then in the middle of the woods arises Teddy and his love for nature. The only way to get there is a footbridge from Virginia, but you can take the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge accessed near the Kennedy Center or do a little off roading like I did on my way over and take the Arlington Memorial Bridge and then run down to the Mount Vernon Trail. (My directions are if you are on foot or bike (bikes are not allowed on the island, but they do have a spot to lock them up) please do not try to off road with a car) I included the trail in my run, although some areas were not safe for running... so I did some bouldering and limb hoping. Then took a short break to check out ole Teddy. Pretty cool.

  • Be friendlier to strangers- Partial success. Balancing politeness and safety.

    1. These posts are part of what reminded me to revisit my goals. Congrats on the weight loss, that's fantastic! I'm in knitting limbo too, I need to finish this baby sweater and start something new as well!

    2. A Teddy Roosevelt park that looks super outdoorsy.

    3. Sounds like you are doing good. Half marathon half way through the year, does that mean a full one in December?


    Comments are awesome!