25 April 2012

This and that

I haven't been doing anything super exciting lately so I'll just update you on the everyday things that have been making me happy.

Last Saturday I had another football game and made a one handed catch (sorry no pictures, going to have to trust me on this one).

Sunday was very rainy and cold. I played the morning smart, ran on the treadmill, read a lot of Grisham's new novel Calico Joe (nice easy read), did some laundry, and cleaning. But then I got antsy and it was Earth Day. I thought I should go do an Earth Day activity, so I decked myself in rain gear and headed out. Well I only got as far as H&M before wanting to head inside. While at H&M I bought a new top, bright enough that my coworkers can't misplace me. I went back home and arrived pretty wet and cold.

Super flattering desk shot... can you see my shirt????
The National Portrait Gallery is near my office and has a fantastic atrium. I took my Chipotle Veggie burrito bowl there to enjoy on Tuesday. 

Beautiful flowers complement burrito bowls perfectly
 Today I went with a few coworkers to enjoy lunch at another nice area- the Archives

This weekend is starting tomorrow with the arrival of my friend Matt. I downloaded a new app the other day... Phonto With the app you can easily add text to any picture. 
Easy + Fun= me making lots of things like this...


  1. Shopping for new clothes might be the opposite of earth day. Did you have them bag it in plastic and throw your receipt into the street? kidding

    1. Ha I know, but I blame Mother Nature for making it a cold and rainy day. I did use a plastic bag (but will be reusing). I did not litter!

  2. Was there a problem in the office?


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