12 April 2012

Lindsey & Drew

Last Saturday I attended my friend Lindsey's wedding in Columbia, Missouri. Not only did I get to celebrate with them, I also had another dream come true... staying at the Stoney Creek Inn. My sophomore year of college I lived across the street from this Inn and remember thinking how fancy it was and how all the rich alumni stayed there, and how I would never stay there. Well guess what? I made it.

Me and the SC Moose

Wedding program (my dress matched!)

Loved the colors, loved her dress

Just Married Pedicab!

I suppose I then commenced eating and dancing and have no photo documentation. However the wedding photographer was up in my dancing grill a lot so there might be some gems in the upcoming weeks.

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  1. Yeah!!! I was hoping I would make the blog! So glad you came to celebrate with us! It was great seeing you :)


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