14 April 2012

Cherry Blossom Parade

My new thing to do is sightsee while running. Women like to multitask. So today I had a football game at 1 (takes an hour to get to the field with warm up time) and the parade was from 10 to 12:30. I decided to work in a 4.5 mile run as well. I'm not a fan of crowds or rather my cost/benefit analyses always tilt towards the "its not worth it" side more vigorously than other people's. People kept warning me about the "Cherry Blossom CROWDS", but luckily I lived in NYC for four years and uh... where are the crowds? I didn't fight my way in to the middle of the parade route, but at 18th St. it was very pleasant. My pictures came out ok despite the fact that I couldn't see what I was taking due to the beautiful weather today.

Blossom Balloon

The guy in front (who blends in with the tree) is Nathan Pacheco a Disney recording artist (who?)

Soldiers, sailors, and airmen oh my! 

Miss Piggy... don't ask why? just enjoy her.

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