15 November 2009

A weekend of music

Aunt Betty likes the musicals... well I do too. So while she was in town we saw three shows- Jersey Boys, In the Heights, and Memphis. Betty had been wanting to see Jersey Boys for a long time. I have been wanting to see In the Heights for a long time. And well Memphis is a new show and was suggested by one of my theater going friends.
Memphis reminded me a lot of Hairspray. Racial topics, music crossing boundaries, and a radio/tv dance/music show. It was a good show with good music and good dancing.
Outside the Memphis show. This guy was mute for the first half of the show until he burst in song and impressed us all.

On our way to the subway we passed by the neighborhood children trick or treating... This little guy is dressed as Mozart.
In the Heights is a story taking place in the north tip of Manhattan, Washington Heights. It had a very latin flavor. This show not only was well performed, but also put me through some emotions. Heights also had some great dancing, more sensual and sexy than the other shows.

The set of In the Heights

Betty was very excited to see Jersey Boys as the music took her back to her youth... I liked the songs I knew... "oh what a night" so I was happy to go as well. Although I knew some of the music I knew none of the story. It was told in narrator fashion with each character getting a chance to tell the story as they saw it. At intermission I had lots of questions and luckily they were all answered in the second half.

Outside Jersey Boys... I was performing with them.
We couldn't just watch musicals we also needed to listen to music while we ate. Betty had been to Ellen's stardust diner before and thought we should go. It was the day before Halloween so instead of poodle skirts and bowling shirts the employees were in costume. They were singing nonstop and after splitting fajitas we had a delicious ice cream dessert.

Bam Bam and Mrs. Cleaver singing Summer Nights


  1. Good phrasing on why I liked Jersey Boys! Great job with your details of each event.

  2. Looks like you had a great time. I love the Mozart costume. One day, I'm either dressing a kid or a dog as Mozart for Halloween.

  3. My friend Nisch works at Ellens!


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