25 November 2009

Jello update

I have started seeing boxes of jello everywhere... Duane Reade, Food Cellar (they were lying!), deli down the street... however none of them had lemon jello so my trip to Brooklyn was still needed. There has been a request for the recipe...

Grind on pound of cranberries and mix with a cup of sugar, let set for several hours
Mix two boxes lemon jello with two cups boiling water till dissolved, add two cups cold water, pour in dish and set in refrigerator to begin to set.
Grind (or chop, I used a food processor, mom uses an old fashion grinder with a crank) three apples (peels on) and one orange (peeled) add to this one cup of drained crushed pineapple.
Once jello begins to set (this is the tricky part) add all the fruit (and chopped nuts (optional)) and mix in well. Make sure you get the corners and if the jello has set too much, make sure you mix it all the way to the bottom.

That was all from memory, so please correct me if I missed something. :)


  1. you forgot the olives, Kristen's favorite part! I had some yesterday and there is more in my fridge that I'll be having for lunch today.

  2. You know, I thought about that later... green olives are also optional... but I don't recommend them.

  3. Thanks Courtney! Ya, I think I'll leave the olives out when I try it :)


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