15 November 2009

Good Morning America

My aunt Betty was in town visiting so we decided it was high time I made it on Good Morning America. We had passed by the studio earlier in the weekend and noticed that no reservations were needed this month, but that we had to be in line at 6:45 am. We got there right on time and were let in around 7am. From that point on it was a lot of standing and waiting. Right before 8 am they had us go outside for the outside segment. Betty and I were slow pokes and were in the very back. But aha there was a fence, with Betty's encouragement I climbed on top. With my added height I got my 20 seconds of air time. They then shuffled us back inside and I texted my family in the central time zone to catch me at 8. Scott Wolf made a surprise appearance talking about his new show. Emeril was cooking something, but he wasn't too friendly to the crowd. After the segment Robin kept eating forever. Sam stayed around for pictures and the rest went back up stairs. We were all sad when they announced that they would close the show upstairs, but then they announced that some of them would come back down for pictures! Horrah!
Betty and I pose with the Giants.


  1. Exciting that you got to all have your arms around each other for the pic, I'm a big Robin and Chris fan. I like you new tags.

  2. So cool! They really are tall!

  3. Great! I always wanted to do that when out there...maybe next time. Emeril wasn't too nice to Jonah either when he was out in Ft. Hood promoting his new cook book. All Jonah wanted was to take a picture with him to send to John in Bagdad, but Emeril said no pics at all! Now, I really don't want to rub the deployment factor in, but man, have a heart......
    After that Jonah stopped watching him (and he was his #1 fan)

  4. Yep.. we got to touch them! Kate was the only one that really wasn't a giant, just wearing 5 inch heels.

  5. I'm with Jonah... He didn't even smile until the cameras were rolling.


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