15 November 2009

Halfway there!

This year I watched the race from my new home in Long Island City. A block from my place is right after the halfway point on the Pulaski Bridge. People looked a lot more fresh at this point than they did last year when I watched on First Avenue.

The lead women coming up the street. Go Paula!
And there they go...
Mayor Bloomberg
The lead men run by at top speed.
The pack making the turn and heading towards the bridge to Manhattan.


  1. So I could quit halfway through if I tried to run it.

  2. Ugh, that makes me tired. It's just one of those things that I have no desire to do...not yet anyway. I wouldn't mind riding beside the runners Bloomberg style thought.

  3. Kristen- You could, but you would get such a burst of energy from seeing me cheer that you would be in the bronx before you realized it.
    Leslei- Everytime I watch the race I get inspired to try... a few weeks later it wears off.


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