07 November 2009

Sidewalk Fashion Show

A Baja Fresh just opened about a block from work, I thought it could be a great substitute for Chipotle, which is a bit further away, but after two visits I don't think it comes close (although I do like the chips). On Friday I gave the place its second shot and what was going on next door? None other than a sidewalk fashion show. The building and huge sign has been going up for awhile, so I guess this might of been Nygard's grand opening. The models were all wearing these sunglasses and at then end they all had feather headdresses.


  1. Yes, that was Nygard's grand opening . It was a nice event and I loved the clothing. Do you have any more photos?

  2. You should of joined in the catwalk. How where the headdresses? I could use a good headdress. I mean who couldn't?

  3. I have one other picture, but it is of the back of someone... The headdresses were kind of sweet. In bold colors and they kind of just went in a flat half circle from ear to ear.


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