22 November 2009

Take my hand we'll make it I swear

Jello... its often the little things that set you back in NYC. On Friday I stopped by the Food Cellar to collect the last ingredients I needed for my family's legendary cranberry salad. I had been invited to a pre-Thanksgiving party and decided to bring the cranberry dish. Those in my family will know that something everyone loves and we use it to test the new comers in the family (try it- we like you, refrain from tasting- you'll have to work a little bit harder for us to like you). So back to the jello. The dish requires apples, an orange, can of crushed pineapple, bag of fresh cranberries, little sugar, and two boxes of lemon jello. The Food Cellar had everything but the jello. When I asked if they had it somewhere hidden, customer service responded that they only had it already made. Saturday morning came and I still needed the Jello. So I set out on a trek to Key Foods, a 1.3 mile walk away (I acknowledge there were other options a store 1 mile way, checking the delis, heading into Manhattan). I had wanted to walk over to Brooklyn anyway, so it was as good as excuse to go. Key Foods did have the jello (they have everything!).

View looking towards Manhattan from the Pulaski bridge
Mid bridge

Back towards LIC
Toll booths for the midtown tunnel
Art along the bridge
Success! It turned out great. And there was at least one new believer at the dinner party.


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