20 November 2009

Livin' on a prayer

While at a training in Orlando they took us to Universal Studios "City Walk" we had a few locations for our exclusive use, but I was drawn to the live band karaoke bar. After only a few songs I knew I had to get on that stage. It didn't take too long to convince my friend Lauren to join me. There were fewer songs to choose from than the traditional karaoke, but it was still a hard decision-- we decided on Livin' on a Prayer.

Let me tell you... I loved the stage. I am now looking for rock star openings.

The band consisted of a keyboard, drums, two guys on guitar, two back up lady singers and a back up guy singer. There were lights... and cameras... and big screens... and screaming fans... (well maybe they were just singing along)


  1. You look like a natural. Will your next post be titled " Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear"?

  2. Hahaha... I see the pattern.. I'll try to work it in.

  3. Wow! I don't think I could ever do that, but you really do look like a natural :)


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