28 February 2011

Park Ave Roses

Recently Will Ryman's "Roses" popped up on the median of Park Avenue. I don't spend as much time as I used to on the east side so I hadn't seen them in person till this week. The roses are made from fiberglass and stainless steel. Apparently some people aren't so impressed with them. I think they are fun and a great splash of color during the cold dull winter. I didn't walk all 10 blocks of the installation, but since they will be there till May 31st I might have a chance to see the others. PS. sorry for the cell phone pictures...

complete with thorns
notice the ant
no rose smell
pretty against a dull building backdrop


  1. Very pretty. I saw a thing about the installation on CBS Sunday Morning, installing them overnight in the snow. I thought they looked pretty majestic.

  2. Makes me want spring even more - to see the real things.

  3. You find the most interesting sites. Nice to see. MOM

  4. I saw the CBS show about them too, they look great.

  5. Loved these photos and getting to know you better! I can imagine that Lady Gaga gets you revved up!! Great choice! Thank you for reading!


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