02 March 2011

Texas Independence Day

Texans around the world (or maybe just in Texas) celebrate Texas Independence Day each year on March 2. Texans celebrate their independence from Mexico in 1836. Texas only remained an independent republic for 9 years before it joined the United States in 1845. During my two years in Texas I had friends visit the site of the signing at Washington-on-the-Brazos to celebrate and painted bluebells on children's cheeks while substitute teaching on March 2nd. Since I've moved to New York I've celebrated the Texas holiday twice, both times by attending the the Texas Independence Day concert at Terminal 5. Other than a free drink ticket for wearing a shirt bearing the logo of a Texas University its basically just an awesome Texas country music concert.
This year the line up included:
Casey Donahew (sorry we missed your act)
Wade Bowen (pretty good)
Jack Ingram (love Barbie Doll)
Pat Green (awesome show)

There is just something about a concert where everyone is singing along and having a great time. Except for two girls who I almost had to fight and ended up getting in a fight with some boys a few minutes later....

I took some low quality cell phone pictures...

pretty sure this is Pat Green, loved the guitar player on the left
Jack Ingram- he took his boots off and stuck them on the mic stand to sing "barefoot and crazy"
more Ingram I believe


  1. I want to know more about this fight.

  2. yes what about the fight. MOM


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