07 March 2011

Try try again

Have you ever started a project, messed up, and then set it aside in frustration? I've done this before, but usually I pick it back up and face my problems after a few days or weeks. This time? not so much. My aunt brought me back yarn and a pattern for socks from her vacation in Australia. Her vacation that was at least three years ago. I started sock one right away and then started in on sock two. Only once that I past the cuff on sock two did I realize I made a mistake. I had made a mistake on sock one! (gasp!) So I had a decision to make. Finish sock two according to the pattern and have socks that didn't match, start sock two over and knit it according to sock one, make three socks, or set it aside and decide later. I chose the last option and three years later I finally pulled the unfinished sock out last month and decided to pull out the unfinished sock and start over in the fashion of the first sock.

Two weeks later I finish. Sometimes you just have to face your problems.

the finished socks
the yarn was variegated, I didn't make all those color changes
The mistake was not knitting about 40 rounds between the ribbing and turning the heel. So instead of crew socks I have ankle socks.


  1. who would know only you. The colors are great. MOM

  2. I thought I had already posted - guess I did something wrong. Nice socks! I remember you telling me you ran into a snag and then I kinda forgot about them. Glad you finally got them done. I thought the way that yarn made a pattern was really cool.

  3. Way to perservere! They look nice in as a crew sock.


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