23 March 2011

Film Biz

Probably almost a year ago I heard of this store, Film Biz Prop Shop, that sold recycled movie and tv sets. Apparently a lot of set items don't get reused by the industry so this group helped companies donate items to charities and sell items in their store. I had wanted to visit the store as it was somewhere in my neighborhood, but never made it.

Then out comes New York Magazine's best of New York issue and the store is listed only it has moved to Brooklyn. Well I've been looking for side tables for awhile and learned how ridiculously expensive a little table could be so I decided to head to the store and check it out. I took the G train to Carroll Gardens on my way over which meant I had to cross the Gowanus Canal.
to the north
to the south

Then on to Film Biz... 540 President Street Basement. It was a little sketch. You walk through a gate, down a steep parking lot, into an unmarked door, then down a long bare hallway, but then you open up to a huge room of goods.

Front entrance gate
Inside they had a great set up, I circled the whole place maybe three times as I kept missing things. They had some really nice stuff, but that tended to be too expensive and their cheaper stuff was... well not what I was looking for or broken.

electric chair
dancing platform speakers.... I really wanted these for my living room, but didn't know how I would get them home
I left empty handed even though I really wanted to get something. They did have plenty of side tables, one in particular was mirrored and $15! But one side had a crack and I thought that was just asking for trouble.


  1. You never know when you'll need an electric chair.

  2. Was anything labeled? I guess that might make it a lot more expensive.

  3. A few things were... but nothing that I really recognized. They had a bunch of revolutionary documents from some movie that I never heard of.


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