05 March 2011

Take two

Remember that awesome planter my sister got me for Christmas? And remember how I planted the cilantro in it? Well the cilantro never grew... I'm not sure if it was a light issue or a directional issue or a seed issue or a water issue (or something else), but nothing grew. The basil I planted at the same time in another planter did come up, but then it died off... on this one I think it was a soil/water issue, sigh.

As delightful as the hanging planter looked with just dirt in it, I decided to try again with a plant. I found myself at Home Depot (looking at paint, but that is another story) and saw some cheap nice looking plants so I bought a few small ones.

A touch of life in my kitchen
I also got two of these cactus plants (the other has a yellow top). I've never tried growing these types of plants before so wish me luck!

little guy


  1. Cactus should be easier, good luck!

  2. They look nice! My cactus is still thriving even with my awful care of it. I think they might be impossible to kill.


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