19 March 2011


The other day for lunch I went to Chop't. For those of you that haven't been it is a small chain based in NYC with locations in DC as well. Its like the other salad places in that you can pick your lettuce type and toppings, but then they use this big chopping blade and chop it into small delectable pieces and then if you would like (as I do) they turn it into a wrap (or as they call them a salad sandwich). I've only been a few times and I've gotten the same salad every time... the Santa Fe. Well the other day while I was in there my friend went on and on about how much money they were making (about $8 a salad) and how people should make their own salads so I took the challenge.

I wrote down everything in my salad sandwich and went to the grocery store. I ended up spending around $35 on supplies (eek). But a few of the items (salad dressing and crispy onions) will last for several salads. I had 5 salads so they turned out being $7 a piece... not a great deal, but I won't have to buy all of the supplies next time.

My version was just as delicious. I couldn't get the wrap to work, and I don't have one of those choppers so I just ate large pieces in bowl form.

How to:
Green leaf lettuce (or romaine) washed and broken into pieces
Can of corn drained
Avocado peeled, pitted, and chopped
Two plumb tomatoes washed and diced
Pepper jack cheese chopped
Combine above ingredients
Sprinkle on a few crunchy onions
Top with dressing of choice- At chop't I get the chipotle vinaigrette but for my at home version I used Newman's own lime dressing


  1. I think I need some lime dressing & I think you need some ginsu knifes.

  2. I agree. The lime dressing is good. I also need a salad spinner.

  3. I can't believe you haven't got a salad spinner yet. Those things are great.


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