06 February 2011


A few weeks ago on a last minute impulse I went to the taping of the Martha Show. The weather had been terrible and the morning was calling for sleet and ice, so people from out of town were canceling and they had some last minute openings. I pretty much risked my life to get there. The ice came and even though there was a lot of ice slush a few of the sidewalks were pure ice.

I arrived right on time, but still had to wait outside for awhile. Once inside I was checked in, went through a metal detector, and then to the coat check. I also checked my snow boots (as one security guard said on the way out, I had my snow boots and my show boots). Then came the signing of release forms and a free bottle of water!

Then the audience wrangler came in. He was some comedian... He gave us an overview of the show and taught us some hand cues. Basically when to clap, when to ohhhh, and when to awwww.

in the holding room
Our tickets when we came in had different markings on them. Mine had a pink stripe... which does not mean I get to sit on the floor level, but I got a pretty decent seat a few rows up.

Seating the audience

The show had a nice segment on how to care for your houseplants and what plants are best for the indoors. The curator for the Brooklyn botanical garden joined Martha for the segment.

Garden area of set

Martha did a craft creating paper roses. They were cute in a bunch in a vase (see below), but seemed like a lot of work. It was interesting to see all the show's staff setting everything up and rearranging things on the go.

Craft area decked out for Valentines day

Martha had Shea Gallante making broccoli rabe pesto and lobster mushroom ragu... they didn't share any of it with the audience.

The kitchen
After the show Martha did several promotional shoots and signed a few things for "special guests"

Then Martha took some questions from the crowd. I'm never good with coming up with questions on the spot, so I didn't ask any. Most of the questions were regarding what she likes to do in her spare time and how she manages her busy schedule. The girl to her right was an intern from Baylor.

It was a fun time and there were no show giveaways, but they cleaned out their old giveaway closet to give all of us something "for coming out in the icy weather" I ended up with a whirly popper, a stove top popcorn popper. I haven't tried it out yet and have no where to store it.

The show aired that day, but if you want to see it the segments can be find on Martha's website I can be found in the Heart health types section at 4:46.


  1. That security guard sounds hilarious but I can't believe they didn't share the cooking segment food with the audience.

  2. Looks like it was worth fighting the ice, although I would've thought they would have giveaways prepared for every show. You need to get to The View.

  3. We have one of those popcorn poppers! It is amazing!!! You should try it out :)


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