23 February 2011

Hang it up

My new apartment is what I have now learned to be called a railroad apartment, meaning there are no hallways just one room after another. For me this is no problem, but I could see it being an issue if more than one person was trying to live here (trips to the kitchen and bathroom would involve tip toeing through a bedroom). It also means that after living in an one bedroom that had walls just to make the already tiny space tinnier and a studio, which had a great big kitchen and lots of closets, but I was still sleeping/eating/lounging/cooking all in one room, I now have more rooms than I know what to do with.

After moving in with the help of my brother, and then my brother leaving I decided that the rooms were all wrong and subsequently switched the purpose (and furniture) of all the rooms excluding the kitchen and bathroom (not easy work for one person).

After a few days of going from one end of the apartment to the other just to get ready in the morning I decided the room with the only closets, which was also the room nearest to the bathroom (other than the kitchen) would become my dressing parlor.

Meaning the smallish room now houses my dresser (duh), shoe collection, and fancy chair for putting on said shoes.

But as everyone knows the closets in NYC apartments just are not big enough. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty excited that this apartment even has closets (I saw a few that didn't). So instead of buying more storage I made my wall become a little more useful.

I received these flower hooks from my sister for my birthday a few years ago (oh and that photo won honorable mention at the Chilhowee Fair)
I bought the C and W hooks at Anthropologie the were on sale for around $7 a piece


  1. Now your coats and bags are art.

  2. Those hooks are all so cute! I love how you set them up...great idea! I may have to steal it!

  3. Cute hooks, I may need to copy some of that. Apparently Grandma and Grandpa had no need for a hall closet, for all my jackets, and I think I have a few more shoes than what Grandma owned.


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