14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

When it comes to knitting, I usually stick to a pattern, not like my fancy free crocheting sister, but last week as I was looking at all kinds of valentine related crafts I thought I could probably figure out a heart.
knitted heart by Courtney
I thought it came out pretty good. I started with one stitch on bottom and added one on each end until I started decreasing for the top. On this one I did one top and cut the yarn to reattach on the other side to finish...

It was cute, but I thought it could be more so I searched for free heart patterns on the internet. I ended up following this pattern. It was close to what I had made up, but in the stockinette stitch and had the ingenious idea of just threading the yarn across the top. I didn't felt mine (I didn't use wool yarn so felting wasn't really an option), nor add eyes. I used yarn I had on hand, which has grown to be quite a collection. Each heart went pretty quickly then I sewed them together using the tails. I stuffed them with the scrap yarn I had left over from knitting my afghan.

Bowl of hearts


  1. look so pretty all the little hearts in a bowl.

  2. So cute. Thanks for mine. I added a ribbon and hung it in the kitchen on a knob. MOM


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