21 February 2011

Missouri & New York

In honor of the title of my blog BB to 79th, which represents where I come from and where I'm going (even though I no longer live on 79th and even though I don't know exactly where I'm going) I present to you... Missouri & New York.

So also in honor of President's Day I bring you edition #1 of Missouri & New York, the President's edition



The only president from Missouri (so far) was the 33rd, Harry S Truman. He was born in Lamar, Missouri in 1884 and grew up in Independence, Missouri where he was a prosperous farmer for 12 years. He became President in 1945 during World War II.

New York

Six Presidents are associated with the state of New York, however only four of them were born in NY.

Martin Van Buren- 8th President

Born in Kinderhook, NY in 1782

Millard Fillmore- 13th President

Born in Finger Lakes country in 1800

Chester A Arthur- 21st President

Born in Fairfield, Vermont in 1829 moved to NY in 1839

Grover Cleveland- 22nd and 24th President

Born in New Jersey in 1837 was raised in upstate New York

Theodore Roosevelt- 26th President

Born in New York City in 1858

Franklin D. Roosevelt- 32nd President

Born in Hyde Park in 1882


  1. Interesting, New York has kinda slowed down on producing presidents.


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