27 February 2011

Missouri & New York

Oscar Edition

Of the best picture nominations this year you might not be surprised that one of the films was based in New York City, but did you know there is also one based in Missouri? Yes of the ten nominations one is based in NYC and one in the Ozarks of Missouri (as far as I can tell... I've sadly only seen one of the nominations).

Best Picture nomination from Missouri:

Best Picture nomination from New York:

From what I can tell neither movie is expected to win. The one nominated movie I did see was Winter's Bone. The girl's story is gritty and not like mine at her age. But some things about the movie did remind me of home. Like the ford ranger pick up truck that makes several appearances is exactly the truck I drove for 8 years.


  1. Same color truck too? I have yet to see either of these movies.

  2. Same color and the club cab! didn't have the bug shield or the bent bumper from Beth though

  3. hey I was just trying to give the truck a little more personality! I did think of you when I saw the truck in the movie. I've only seen 2 of the nominated films, and my vote is for Winter's Bone


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