09 September 2010

The US Open

Over a month ago I received an email from Fandango (online movie ticket website) offering tickets to the US Open for the price of a movie ticket (in NYC that is $12). I've never been to the US Open and I enjoy watching tennis (on lazy Sunday mornings) so I decided to go for it. There were only a small amount of (back row) tickets available and they were going fast, but I was able to snag some for the night session on Sept. 7. I bought two thinking surely I could convince someone to go with me. Well fast forward to me being away on vacation and remembering my tickets the morning of... turns out people like a little notice. A Mizzou friend was nice enough to join me for my journey to Arthur Ashe Stadium.

We arrived around the time the women's match was suppose to start, however the day session was running way over and they weren't allowing in one in. So we walked around and bought overpriced food.

Venus finally won her match around 8:40 pm and they opened the gates.

I highly recommend heading out to the Open. Especially if you can snag $12 tickets.

Outside the stadium
We were way in the back, but the stadium did not fill up and we moved closer
Clijsters vs. Stosur
Clijsters won
Around 11pm the men took the court: Nadal vs. Lopez (two Spaniards)
At first it looked like it would be a super fast win for Nadal, but then Lopez started to play a little

Nadal won around 1:20 am, but we left at midnight to take the 7 train home


  1. I'm not a tennis player but I enjoy watching Wimbleton and the US Open on TV. That sounds like a fun evening!!

  2. Interesting, I didn't know you where into tennis.

  3. I'm not crazy into tennis, but its fun to watch, especially at the US Open.


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