23 September 2010

New York this morning

I had to get up for work early this morning. As I opened my blinds this morning I saw the moon setting over Manhattan.

There have also been a ton of Coast Guard boats in the East River this week protecting the United Nations from Pirates (I assume). There are several of these bigger boats, but my favorite are the smaller raft like boats with the big guns and gunner up front. I was caught in the traffic jam this morning that the UN General Assembly always creates and got to watch some of the gunner boats escort EPA ships down the river.

All these boats made me wonder why they couldn't find a place to put the UN that would be a bit easier to secure.


  1. It would make to much sense to have the UN in an easily secured location.

  2. I love your blog, it's nice to read about New York, it's one of my most favorite cities! I'm following your blog now :) Happy Friday


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