24 September 2010

My first attempt at stop-motion video

I recently got a new computer.... my other one was over 5 years old and quite slow... and then it came down with something. With my new speed and creative ability I decided to try making a stop-motion video. I always think they look so cool. I looked up some instructions, and found some here.

I then started drawing and taking pictures. When I was done, I had over 300 pictures to upload. After fooling around with a little iMovie software I came out with the lovely movie below-

Next time if I'm drawing I won't use paper that is so transparent (New York magazine's September 27th Facebook article shines through). I also need to invest in a tripod (any suggestions on a good one?), my left hand started cramping. Next time I'll try to be a bit more creative, any ideas?


  1. WoW! I really like. How long did that take you to do?

  2. Thanks Kristen, I'm not sure exactly but around 2-3 hours total... that includes some camera battery charging/knitting breaks.

  3. my goodness that is very impressive. I recognize your signature cow MOM

  4. Courtney, I really, really like your movie (and especially the back ground music!) Soooo cool - Shannon and Jonah really like it, guess we have to try this too sometime ;)

  5. Thanks Ellen, you guys should definitely give it a try!


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