18 September 2010

Fall creations

With the cooler weather approaching I got the sudden urge to knit. I didn't knit much this past year (I think I made one dishcloth), but while browsing through my emails I had noticed a pattern for an afghan and thought "why not". I haven't attempted one before, I usually stick to quick/small projects.

So far it is going pretty quick itself, with thick yarn and size 13 circular needles. When done it is called a "car afghan" as I don't have a car, I am planning on calling it my "travel afghan".

In pretty fall colors (after three days of knitting)

I also embroidered another onesie, I'm pretty sure this is my last for awhile. Another co-worker is having a baby and she happens to live in my neighborhood.

The M shape is suppose to be the gantries...
I also need to do something with my New York City themed fabric I bought at The City Quilter a while back- any suggestions?


  1. You are a knitting machine! Pillows, Quilt, Wall art, table runner?

  2. How about a wall hanging for your apartment?

  3. Only three stripes left on the afghan. Thanks for the ideas!


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