25 July 2013

Feats of Strength

We had a little fun with my dad's skid steer. In a little thing my dad and brother put together called a skid steer rodeo. They set up an obstacle course, gave us each a quick overview of the controls, once practice round, then set us loose on the course. We were judged by time and had penalties for hitting obstacles and missing challenges.

I ended up getting second for the females... I had lots of issues with the gravel.

 photo IMG_1320_zpscd17e3cb.jpg

 photo IMG_1326_zpsb71260f3.jpg

After the rodeo we had a brother carrying contest. My little cousins won. I attempted to carry my brother with the help of my sister, turns out little brothers aren't so light when they get older.

 photo IMG_1340_zpsfc55e5dd.jpg

Then we finished up with some good old fashion tire flipping. I got second AGAIN. But my sister who beat me had been training flipping real tires.

 photo IMG_1399_zps2c2930a8.jpg


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