22 July 2013

4th of July weekend

After the 5K  we hurried back to the house to make homemade ice cream. My family's homemade ice cream is my favorite food ever. I may of had a quart in two days....

 photo IMG_1174_zps73b8ac3b.jpg
it freezes faster if you watch it
I went all out for my 4th outfit. Because when else can you?

 photo IMG_2732_zps93e2260e.jpg

The rest of the day was full of BBQ and yard games. Then we shot off some fireworks and had a great view of fireworks blasting off around the entire horizon. 

The next day we had a delicious breakfast at Old Drum Coffeehouse and Bakery then for the rest of the weekend....

The pony rides were really for the children but I hoped on for a spin.

 photo IMG_1294_zpscc7a9bc7.jpg

The cows were checking me out so I checked them out.

 photo IMG_1410_zps370c4c4e.jpg

My brother took me for a spin on the 4 wheeler. 

 photo IMG_2802_zps4b8b0cde.jpg

And I found this face rock in the creek.

 photo IMG_2801_zps900a9ca9.jpg

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  1. the 4-wheeling was pretty fun, Travis was an excellent guide.


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